Picnic lunch

Today at Caterpillars Montessori we had a picnic lunch on the field. We were very busing beforehand preparing our own wraps and choosing what we would like inside them. We then packed our picnic food and a picnic blanket and walked to the field. We sat and enjoyed our food and spent some time on the field afterwards. There was lots of running around and balancing on the play equipment. Some children also chose to use the mud kitchen and ...

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Releasing the butterflies!

This term at Caterpillars Montessori we have been watching caterpillars develop into butterflies. Everyone has throughly enjoyed this process and there has been lots of chatting about how the caterpillars have changed. While examining the caterpillars some children drew them, others drew and wrote about life cycles and some put the caterpillars in size order from shortest to longest. There was lots of excitement when finally the caterpillars were starting to build a chrysalis and then finally become a butterfly. ...

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Sports Day 2016

On Friday 10th June we had a brilliant morning at Welshampton Primary School for their sports day. We enjoyed watching the children compete in a variety of races and also got chance to have a race ourselves.

We also made made a picnic and went and ate it with the Welshampton Primary School children on the field. Some children then made us our own obstacle course, like the one they had done, for us to have a go at.

A big thank ...

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Summer Term Menu 6th June- 22nd July 2016

With help from the children below is the summer term menu:


  • Julienne carrots, rice cakes, soya spread/ cream cheese
  • Sliced apple, breadsticks
  • Julienne cucumber, oat cakes, soya spread/ cream cheese
  • Sliced banana, crispbread, soya spread/ cream cheese
  • Sliced celery, cream crackers, soya spread/ cream cheese
  • Wholemeal toast with butter


  • Sausages, sweet potato/ potato mash, peas and onion gravy
  • Chickpea and vegetable curry with naan bread
  • Cod fish fingers, new potatoes and sweetcorn
  • Spaghetti and meatballs
  • Cottage Pie
  • Picnic Day- A variety of picnic items e.g. Wraps/pitta bread, bread rolls, ham, tuna, chicken, cheese, ...
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A lick of paint!

There has been lots of talk on our first day back today about how much Caterpillars has changed over half term!

On the last day of term all the children were very helpful and helped to wash all of the chalk off the side of our building and we moved the plants out of the way. After lots of decision making about the colour, we have had the outside of our classroom painted. This came as a bit of a shock ...

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