Going to Primary School

This term we have been talking lots about going to Primary School. We have been and visited Welshampton Primary School and have had teachers from here and other schools come to visit us.

The children who are leaving us this summer have been disussing and then writing about how they feel about going to primary school:

“I feel happy”

“I feel good about big school”

“I feel excited”

We also talked about what the children would like to do/work with more before the end of ...

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Working on pencil control

At Caterpillars Montessori we have been very busy working on pencil control. Children have been working with the Insets for Design, ensuring they hold their pencil correctly and move in an anti-clockwise motion around the shape ready to form letters. Children also had a go at drawing over zig zags and other patterns before copying some patterns on their own paper.

Take a look below at some of the children doing their work:

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Changing the classroom

On Friday at Caterpillars Montessori, children have been making choices and helping to change the Art and Crafts Shelf and the Practical Life Shelf. They have been choosing new activities and where on the shelves they would like to put them. The Art Shelf had the biggest change as we decided to sort the pens and pencils by colour! This is taking some getting used to but will be a great part of the classroom. A big thank you to ...

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