This terms menu

Each term the we create a weekly lunch and snack menu. The children discuss what they like and make suggestions as to what they would like for snack, lunch and pudding at Caterpillars.

This terms menu can be found below:

Mid morning snack

  • Julienne carrots, rice cakes, soya spread / cream cheese
  • Sliced apple, breadsticks
  • Julienne cucumber, oatcakes, soya spread/ cream cheese
  • Sliced banana, crispbread, soya spread/ cream cheese
  • Sliced celery, cream crackers, soya spread/ cream cheese
  • Wholemeal toast with butter

Main lunch

  • Sausages, sweet potato/potato wedges, peas and onion ...
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What would you like to learn?

This week at Caterpillars we had a circle. Camilla asked each child what they would like to learn while at Caterpillars. We wanted to see what each child was interested in, to then provide opportunities for each child to learn more about their chosen subject.

Camilla then invited each child to share their ideas:

  • “Me want to learn about letters for writing, know about snowflakes and snowballs too. I like trees to.
  • “Play with snow, make snowballs.” Camilla then asks “If it does ...
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Spaghetti Maths

Today we had a very busy morning! We were invited to Welshampton Primary School to watch a Spaghetti Maths session. We enjoyed watching the primary school children come to the front to take part in maths challenges. Johnny then showed us 3D shapes and blew bubbles inside them, this was very exciting!

We would like to thank Welshampton Primary School and Johnny from Spaghetti Maths for a lovely morning.


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This term at Caterpillars our topic is weather and the seasons. We have been learning a poem called ‘Clouds’ and have written up the poem to hang in our classroom. When writing we worked hard on our letter formation, holding our pen correctly and writing on the lines. After we had finished writing the poem, we discussed the different types of weather and what they looked like and had a go at drawing them in the border of the poem.

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