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Welcome to the Caterpillars Montessori Pre-School website, you will find a lot of information here about our school but if you don’t have the time to browse through our site then you can easily download a copy of our prospectus to print and read when it’s more convenient. If there’s any important announcements or updates you will find them in the ‘news’ section of our site. If however you have some additional questions then please feel free to contact us either by email, phone or through the contact form on this site.

  • The environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity and invite the child to conduct his own experiences.–Maria Montessori


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  • Our 3 year old has been with Caterpillars Montessori for over a year and is having a fantastic experience. The first thing we noticed was how calm the preschool is. The children learn respect for each other and their environment. We have seen our son grow in confidence and really enjoy the learning environment. We would strongly recommend this setting.–Clare Mainwaring

  • My daughter has attended Caterpillars since she was 2 and within this time she has flourished. The Montessori approach really suits her way of learning and has encouraged her independence and improved her confidence. She has shown a particular interest and natural ability for numbers and the Montessori tools available for her to use within the Preschool environment are enabling her to develop this area further. She comes home from school with a big smile on her face and can't wait to share with me what she has done during the day and she can't wait for her next session.–Sarah Lowe

  • At Caterpillars Montessori we love how they treat our child as an individual and their learning is planned around them rather than a group.. We like how they get to know our child and find out what there interest are and use that in there planning to encourage learning.. Our child has grown in confidence since starting Caterpillars Montessori, the staff are great and nothing is no bother, they keep us regularly informed in our child's development and our child is happy there which is the most important thing to us as parents..–Anon, Welshampton

  • In 2013 my children's nursery was completely transformed from a public to a private nursery. We were introduced to Montessori schooling and for me this was very exciting. My eldest son has Autism and Learning difficulties and with thanks to Camilla this was successfully diagnosed before he went into mainstream school. If only he could have stayed longer, I strongly believe that he would have made more progress than he did in the short time he was there. The transformations created a environment for both my children to thrive, promote their independence and daily choices they were faced with. The whole atmosphere is extremely relaxed, friendly and driven towards educating and building on basic skills. As a parent I am extremely happy to drop my daughter off and know she is in good care and look forward to hearing what she has been doing, whether this is a informal/formal chat. The learning plans for children that may need them are fantastic that concentrate on realistic targets, which can be very difficult to find!!!! As my daughter finishes her last term at Caterpillars Montessori, her life, social and educational skills are fantastic and I could not ask anymore. She is reading basic first school books, writing her name and in my opinion the most important matter choosing the right path. We as a family will miss this fantastic nursery and the feeling that your part of their family, not just a parent taking and collecting your child, but the support offered constantly by every member of staff that works there. Thank you Camilla for all of your hard work, support and cups of tea when needed.–Hayley, Rhys and Cerys Jones

  • **** has had a wonderful time at Caterpillars.  He has learnt some amazing things (quatrefoils included!) and couldn't have had a better start to his education.  He especially loved the mud poem and recited it at home.  He wanted to give you roses in recognition of this. Thank you so much to you and the team.  We'll miss you all.–Family ****